Wrust is a three – piece metal band hailing from Gaborone, Botswana, a small country in Southern Africa. Formed by front man Stux “Thee”Daemon at the turn of the millennium, Wrust has become one of Southern Africa’s most prominent metal bands, with over a decade of album releases and tours both within and outside Africa. The band has headlined many prominent music festivals from the likes of WITCHFEST EXTREME 2003(Jhb), Woodstock 2008 (Gaborone), The Windhoek Metal Fest 2009 (Namibia), Solomacello 2013 (Milan)and the annual charity event, Rock Against Aids. They have also shared the stage with many renownedmetal bands, including Sepultura (Brazil), Carcass (UK), KONKHRA (Denmark) and Entombed (Sweden).Through their music, Wrust hope to inspire people to become independent minded and free-willed,breaking the shackles of stereotypes and challenging cultural institutions from governments to religion,all the while delivering fast paced performances and sheer brutal metal!2013 has seen Wrust return from a tour of Milan, Italy whilst working on a documentary filmed based on metal music, March of the Gods, due for release in August 2014. In April the band released a digital copy of their latest 13-track album, Intellectual Metamorphisis, which questions the system of control that we as a society believe in.

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Stux "Thee" Daemon

Guitars and Vocals, Principle Composer and Lyricist

Leroy Nyoni

Drums, Studio Engineer

Lee Raditladi

Bass Guitar